The Palace of Malice

On February 7, 2008 the Los Alamos County Council voted to destroy the physical symbol of the Independence of Los Alamos.

On December 21, 2010 5 Members of the Los Alamos County Council, 2 of whom voted in the affirmative in the above cited action, voted to destroy the liberties and rights of the citizens of Los Alamos and to vacate the Charter which was the codification of the Independence of Los Alamos.

The Palace of Malice, akin to Nero's Golden Palace and destined to become home to Ozymandius, will be built upon a foundation of legal chicanery, ruthless manipulation, self-aggrandizement, wanton destruction, and the wholesale abuse of Public Trust and authority --- but at what cost, and borne by whom?

Reality Check -- No community of any size can long survive the destruction of its heritage, the dissolution of its freedoms, and the permanent division of its citizens.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

17) I Have A Little List

If you check the instruction booklet for the Federal Taxes 1040 you will find a little list on page C9-11 of "principal business or professional activity codes" drawn from the North American Industry Classification System (NACIS). It is a listing of 20 sectors and professional/business codes by type within each sector. 316 codes. 316 principal businesses or professional activities by which people earn their living. If you are in business, you file a Sched C with your tax form and on that Sched you write in the code which best fits your principal business/professional activity. Some of these we have here in Los Alamos, many we do not -- some are well represented here (good), others are under-represented (fair) or not represented at all (poor). Let’s go through The List and see what’s missing..................oh, and a little imagination here will go a long way. Too bad imagination is the one thing in which Los Alamos really seems to be short supply. It ain't called the Myopia Statement for nothin'.

Of the 20 sectors we are good in 5, fair in 8, and poor in 6 with 1 non-applicable. Of the 316 professional/business activities we are good in 80, fair in 85, and poor in 153 with 18 non-applicable. Combined, we have growth potential in 238 professional/business activity codes and 14 industry categories.

The Economic Mortality Plan lists 15 professional/business activities in 4 sectors that it is believed we should be recruiting -- these 4 being what we already do well. Of those, 0 come from non-represented activities. Go figure........

Remember: each professional/business activity listing which is either under-represented or not represented in Los Alamos is opportunity for economic expansion. I have highlighted the activities in which we do well in green, those where we do something but could do more in blue, and the activities where we have nothing or next to nothing in red (sector headings are in bold and appropriately colored). This is a long list, but if we really want to do something to expand the Los Alamos economy we need to know this.

I) Accommodation, Food Services, and Drinking Places -- Accommodations: There are three codes, 1 of which, "Traveler accommodations" we have to some degree. What we don’t have is "RV Parks and recreation camps" and "Rooming and boarding houses". My step-daughter came for a visit a while back and had thought we would have a resort of some sort with little cabins and cottages. We don’t. We could, but we don’t. There are all manner of forms of accommodations we don’t have. A little imagination.
--- Food Services and Drinking Places: there are 4 listed which we have to some degree. But think of all the different types of establishments you’ve ever visited – go through your own list and think what’s missing (mine includes a decent deli).
II) Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services -- 18 codes. We are good in every activity, with the exception of "convention and trade show organizers". As we establish/develop other activities in which we are lacking, this category will grow.
III) Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, and Fishing – 7 codes. "Animal Production - including breeding cats and dogs". We don’t do that – husbandry is not our thing. But it could be -- we have an apiary, what else could be done? "Fishing" – nope, Reservoirs are too silted up for that. "Forestry and logging (including forest nurseries and timber tracts)" Okay, Logging and Timber is not really all that likely in the County, but a tree nursery is something that could be done. "Hunting and trapping" – nope, other than catching tadpoles and mudpuppies. "Support Activities for animal production (including farriers)" We have a bit of that, we could do more. "Support activities for crop production" Well we don’t produce crops. "Support activities for forestry". Why not?
IV) Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation -- 9 codes. "Amusement Parks and Arcades". "Gambling industries". "Other amusement & recreation services (including golf, skiing, marinas, fitness centers, bowling, skating, miniature golf). "Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers, and other public figures". "Museums, historical sites, & similar institutions". "Independent artists, writers & performers" -- we're good on this, we just don't have anything that would help them make a living at it. "Performing arts companies". "Promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events". "Spectator sports (including professional sports clubs & racetrack operations)"
V) Construction of Buildings -- 25 codes. "Non-residential building construction". "Residential building construction". "Highway, street, & bridge construction". "Land subdivision". "Utility system construction". "Other heavy & civil engineering construction". "Drywall & insulation contractors". "Electrical contractors". "Finish carpentry contractors". "Glass and glazing contractors". "Masonry contractors". "Painting & wall covering contractors". "Plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning contractors". "Poured concrete foundation & foundation contractors". "Roofing contractors". "Siding contractors". "Site preparation contractors". "Structural steel & precast concrete construction contractors". "Tile & terrazo contractors". "Other building equipment contractors". "Other building finishing contractors". "Other foundation, structure & building exterior contractors". "All other specialty trade contractors". I have highlighted the entirety in blue -- to the best of my knowledge we have some of everything. We could do better in some areas. We could certainly do better in helping these folks find business beyond the County Line.
VI) Education Services (including schools, colleges, and universities). 1 code. We do okay on this, but there are possibilities for private schools which we have not explored -- for instance a conservatory for music and the arts.
VII) Finance & Insurance -- 11 codes. Oddly enough, we are good on this in each activity. As we establish/develop other activities this category will grow.
VIII) Health Care and Social Assistance -- 19 codes. We are good in each activity.
IX) Information -- 7 codes. "Publishing industries (except internet)". "Broadcasting (except internet)". Telecommunications & Internet service providers". "Data processing, hosting, and related services". "Other information services (including news syndicates & libraries, Internet publishing & broadcasting)". "Motion picture & video industries (except video rental)". "Sound recording industries".
X) Manufacturing -- 42 codes. Before anyone gets crazy here, there are certainly some things we simply can't do because of the requirements for large plant facilities or resources. But much of this we could be doing in smaller proportion thereby adding to the over-all diversity of our economic base. And there is nothing that says that the company headquarters can't be located here with the actual production facilities elsewhere. The goal here is to at least do some portion of the activities as opposed to absolutely none. "Apparel mfg". "Beverage & tobacco mfg". "Computer & electronic mfg". "Electrical equipment, appliance, and component mfg". "Fabricated metal product mfg". "Furniture and related mfg". "Machinery mfg". "Medical equipment & supplies mfg". "Paper mfg". "Primary metal mfg". ""Petroleum & coal products mfg". "Plastics & rubber products mfg". "Printing & related support activities". "Textile mills" (never gonna happen). "Textile product mills" (never gonna happen). "Transportation equipment mfg". "Wood products mfg". "Other misc mfg". "Basic chemical mfg". "Paint, coating & adhesive mfg". "Pesticide, fertilizer, & other ag chem mfg". "Pharmaceutical & medicine mfg" (Caldera). "Resin, synth rubber & artificial fibers & filaments mfg". "Soap, cleaning compound & toilet prep mfg". "Animal food mfg". "Bakeries and tortilla mfg". "Dairy product mfg". "Fruit and vegetable preserving & specialty food mfg". "Grain & oilseed milling". "Animal slaughtering and processing". "Seafood product preparation & pkg" (never gonna happen). "Sugar & confectionary product mfg". "Other food mfg (including coffee, tea, flavorings, and seasonings)". "Footwear mfg (including leather, rubber, and plastics)". "Leather & hide tanning & finishing". "Other leather & allied product mfg". "Cement and concrete product mfg". "Clay product & refractory mfg". "Glass & glass product mfg". "Lime & gypsum product mfg". "Other nonmetallic mineral product mfg".
XI) Mining -- 5 codes. We don't have the resources, but here's the list. "Coal mining". "Metal ore mining". "Nonmetallic mineral mining & quarrying". "Oil & gas extraction". "Support activities for mining".
XII) Other Services -- 22 codes. "Barber shops". "Beauty salons". "Cemetaries & crematoriums". "Coin-operated laundries & dry cleaners". "Drycleaning and laundry services". "Funeral homes & funeral services". "Linen & uniform supply". "Nail salons". "Parking lots and garages". "Pet care (except vet)". "Photofinishing". "Other personal care". "All other personal services". "Automotive body, paint, interior & glass repair". "Automotive mechanical & electrical repair & mtc". "Other automotive repair & mtce". "Commercial & industrial machinery and equip repair & mtce". "Electronic & precision equip repair and mtce". "Footwear & leathergoods repair". "Home & garden equip & appliance repair & mtce". "Reupholstery & furniture repair". "Other personal & household goods repair & mtce."

XIII) Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services -- 23 codes. "Legal services". "Certified Public Accountants". "Payroll services". "Tax prep services". "Other accounting services". "Architectural services". "Building inspection services". "Drafting services". "Engineering services". "Geophysical surveying and mapping services". "Landscape architecture services". "Surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services". "Testing laboratories". "Computer systems design & related services". "Specialized design services (including interior, industrial, graphic, & fashion design)". "Advertising & related services". "Management, scientific, & technical consulting services". "Market research & public opinion polling". "Photographic services". "Scientific research & development services". "Translation & interpretation services". "Veterinary services". "All other professional, scientific, & technical services".
XIV) Real Estate & Rental & Leasing -- 12 codes. "Lessors of real estate". "Real estate agents and brokers". "Real estate appraisers". "Real estate property managers". "Other activities related to real estate". "Automotive equipment rental & leasing". "Commercial & industrial machinery & equipment rental and leasing". "Consumer electronics & appliance rental". "Formal wear & costume rental". "General rental centers". "Video tape & disc rental". "Other consumer goods rental".
XV) Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional & Similar Organizations -- 1 code.
XVI) Transportation & Warehousing -- 17 codes. "Air Transportation". "Charter bus industry". "General freight trucking, local". "General freight trucking, long haul". "Interurban & rural bus transportation". "Pipeline transportation" (n/a). "Rail transportation". "Scenic and sightseeing transportation". "School & employee bus transportation" (n/a -- remember, this is a list of private companies). "Specialized freight trucking (including household moving vans)". "Taxi and limo service". "Urban transit systems" (n/a). "Water transportation" (n/a). "Other transit & ground passenger transportation". "Support activities for transportation (including towing)". "Couriers and messengers". "Warehousing and storage (except leases of miniwarehouses & self-storage)".
XVII) Utilities - 1 code. This is tricky -- DUP is semi-public.
XVIII) Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents & Brokers -- 2 codes. "Business to business electronics markets". "Wholesale trade agents & brokers".
XIX) Wholesale Trade -- 27. Remember: we are talking wholesale here, not retail. "Electrical & electronic goods". "Furniture & home furnishing". "Hardware & plumbing & heating equipment & supplies". "Jewelry, watch, precious stone & precious metals". "Lumber & other construction materials". "Machinery, equipment & supplies". "Metal & mineral (except petroleum)". "Motor vehicle & motor vehicle parts & supplies". "Professional & commercial equip and supplies". "Recyclable materials". "Sporting & recreational goods & supplies". "Toy & hobby goods & supplies". "Other misc durable goods". "Apparel, piece goods, & notions". "Beer, wine & distilled alcholic beverages". "Books, periodicals, and newspapers". "Chemical & allied products". "Drugs & druggists sundries". "Farm product raw materials" (n/a). "Farm supplies" (n/a). "Flower, nursery stock & florists supplies". "Grocery & related products". "Paint, varnish & supplies". "Paper & paper products". "Petroleum & petroleum products" (n/a). "Tobacco & tobacco products" (n/a). "Other misc non-durable goods".
XX) Retail Trade -- 60 codes. "Hardware stores". "Home centers". "Lawn & garden equip & supplies". "Paint & wallpaper stores". "Other building material dealers". "Children's & infants clothing stores". "Clothing accessories stores". "Family clothing stores". "Jewelry stores". "Luggage & leather goods stores". "Men's clothing stores". "Shoe stores". "Women's clothing stores". "Other clothing stores". "Camera & photographic supply stores". "Computer & software stores". "Household appliance stores". "Radio, television, & other electronics stores". "Beer, wine & liquor stores". "Fish & seafood markets". "Fruit & vegetable markets". "Grocery (including supermarkets, & convenience without gas)". "Meat markets". "Other specialty food stores". "Furniture stores". "Home furnishings stores". "Gas stations (including convenience)". "General merchandise stores". "Cosmetics, beauty supplies & perfume stores". "Optical goods stores". "Pharmacies & drug stores". "Other health & personal care stores". "Automotive parts, accessories, and tire stores". "Boat dealers". "Motorcycle dealers". "New car dealers". "RV dealers". "Used car dealers". "All other motor vehicle dealers". "Book stores". "Hobby, toy & game stores". "Musical instrument & supply stores". "News dealers & news stands". "Pre-recorded tape, cd & record stores". "Sewing, needlework, and piece good stores". "Sporting goods stores". "Art dealers". "Florists". "Gift, novelty, & souvenier stores". "Mobile home dealers". "Office supply & stationary stores". "Pet & pet supplies stores". "Used merchandise stores". "All other misc stores (including tobacco, candle, and trophy shops)". "Electronic auctions". "Electronic shopping". "Fuel dealers". "Mail order houses". "Vending machine operators". "Other direct sales establishments)".

Heck of a list, isn't it?


  1. Do you seriously believe that our County Development Department has the technical ability to approve any business other than those related to purchasing retail items or food?

  2. Probably more a matter of imagination than technical ability :) Also direction and oversight.